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A Tech-Enabled Approach to Storage and Logistics with Effortless Receiving, Inspection, and Delivery

A suite of tools and services at your disposal

Simplify your operation with solutions and services that fit


Receiving & Inspection

Have new items shipped directly to our facility. We will receive, inspect, catalog, and upload them to your online account. If an item arrives damaged you'll be automatically notified and provided with the photos necessary to facilitate a return, replacement, or disposal.

Store & Retrieve

We'll deliver your items to and from your vendor, event venues, client sites, or current storage facility. You can schedule our services using your online account anytime.

ShuffleSpace Digital Design Catalog

Digital Catalog

Save energy and time with our online cataloging system. Your items are photographed and tagged, then uploaded and organized by project or account. Here you can view item statuses, conditions, and quantities, and track their whereabouts.

Built with you in mind

Experiential Marketing

Interior Designers

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    Experiential Marketing
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    Interior Design

Agencies & Brands

Interior Designers

"ShuffleSpace provides a much-needed service for the event & marketing world by enabling a line of sight into their assets and allowing them to book as needed and purge unwanted assets that collect dust."
Eric Balance
Eric Balance, President, BALLANCE DESIGN | Event & Retail Solutions
"ShuffleSpace offers a variety of services that a typical storage facility lacks, such as item inspection, damaged asset notifications, and an online platform that is updated as items arrive for storage."
Iryna Huk, Logistics Coordinator, Avenue Design inc

Built with you in mind

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Send us your asset by plane, train, or automobile. Have existing storage? We can come get that for you too!


We'll receive & inspect your items and inform you of any discovered damage before adding them to your digital catalog

Command & Control

Tell us where to go and what to do with your assets from anywhere, on any device

See things in action

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